Tips For Elevating Your Looks On A Budget!

If you’re wanting a bit of an upgrade to your fashion and accessories collection without spending a fortune then you’re in the right place! Our tips will help you access stunning clothes and jewellery whilst saving money either upfront or in the long run, so it’s definitely worth it. From choosing wardrobe staples like corset tops through to choosing vintage jewellery, let’s get started with our tips!

Consider Vintage Jewellery!

For those of you wanting to get some stunning jewellery without paying the price of solid gold or sterling silver, vintage jewellery is a great way to go. You can access exceptional quality jewellery that is pre-loved, and it is usually much cheaper than buying a new alternative. This is partly because VAT will have already been paid on the item, so when you purchase it, it’s 20% cheaper than the same piece of jewellery that’s new. Make sure you go to a reputable jeweller for your vintage jewellery to make sure everything is legitimate, then have fun choosing some unique and stunning vintage jewellery!

Look On Marketplaces

Another great way to elevate your looks on a budget is to look on marketplaces. There’s been a huge spike in people buying second hand clothing, particularly on reselling websites like Vinted, Depop and Ebay. There’s also been an increase in thrift shopping and charity shopping too. With all of these options, you can access fantastic quality clothing for a fraction of what you’d normally pay. As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and you can find such wonderful pieces for such a good price. Whether you want to buy a t-shirt for £2 or something much more expensive, marketplaces have it all! If you are buying more expensive things, just make sure that you are careful as there are quite a few scams around when it comes to reselling designer items, so this is just something to be aware of when shopping through marketplaces.

Choose Wardrobe Staples

Another great way to save money longer term when it comes to elevating your looks on a budget is to choose wardrobe staples. When you have an event coming up or an occasion, it can be tempting to choose something that you will wear specifically for that event and struggle to style it for other things. If you repeatedly do this, you end up spending a lot of money on clothes you don’t wear very often! So, a much better thing to do is to choose wardrobe staples that you can wear and style for lots of different occasions. For example, rather than choosing an outfit for a birthday party that has followed a local trend, why not invest in something classic going out dresses like a little black dress that you can wear for lots of different things? You could add one item every month or so depending on your budget and gradually build a wardrobe that you’re really proud of.

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